About J&J Ag Solutions

We are an experienced team that sets out to equip growers with the best products, expertise, and advice to help ensure successful growing seasons year after year.

The New Building!

Our brand new building gives us more room to house everything in one place and be ready for whatever our customers need!

Our Shop

Most of our building is shop space, where we treat and store seed. We also install and Maintain Precision Planting products in 2 regions of our shop as well.

Tank Room

We have a separate climate controlled room to store our tanks.  It also has an overhead door for easy pickup and returns.

Everyone of our team members is devoted to helping our farmers reach their full potential!

Here’s Our Crew…

Jason Henning

Founder / Channel Seed Salesman / Precision Planting Equip Sales, Installation and Maintenance.

Brian Rosburg

Farmer / Channel Seed Salesman

Jason Pohlman

Farmer / Channel Seed Salesman