J&J Ag Solutions is the right partner to help your farm succeed and grow!

Seed Sales

J & J Ag Solutions is proud to sell Channel Seed.

Seed Planting

We carry and install Precision Planting products & parts to increase and maintain your productivity.


Seed Treatment

We provide the finest seed treatment to ensure that your crops are treated with the utmost precision and care. We’re experts in providing you with the best crop protection products and services.

Soil Sampling

We work with the best labs around to bring you Grind, Zone, and Nitrate sampling.

Aerial Field Scouting

While all farmers know the value of scouting their crops, few actually have time to cover the acres on foot. Using NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index), allows you to identify the potential yield limiting problems in a timely fashion. NDVI also allows you to see the true health of your field in color contrast. Early detection will help you make the right decisions before things have a chance to get worse.

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